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Hoaxing Whats The Point..

Posted by b garrett on June 12, 2012 at 2:20 PM

When I go into the field what I look for is a good clear photo of the big man, or some good video. I also look for foot prints to cast or even an audio recording to put in my library. I would love to find some good DNA. I have to tell you that field work in damn hard work,I mean it is hot and dry in my neck of the woods and sun stroke is always a worry with us.


What I’m saying is this work is hard enough and sometime with only little to show for your efforts. When you do find something that makes this all worth while to you. So many times it’s not that great to the bigfoot community and there are a lot of harsh critics out there just waiting to bust your chops.


So I say what is the point of hoaxing. This just does no one any good and the person who does it seems to always get found out. I will name no one here because that’s not my way. But it really bothers me to see my team work so hard in the field to bring our little bit to the world just to see a big time HOAXSER getting attention in all the blogs and BigFoot news reports. There are a lot of us who are working hard in the field who have a lot to say that is true. We have our own personal experiences we could tell.


By giving these HOAXERS time all we are doing is giving them what they want, ATTENTION! I want to hear about the people who are working hard to really bring something to the world about BigFoot. Those men and women who are out there on their days off, sweating in the field and working hard to bring something to the table for all to see. People who are honest in there work.


So its time to stop giving the HOAXSERS want they want and to get back to the real boots on the ground. The real field workers and there real experiences.


Until Next Time The Hermit




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