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FieldReport: The River

Posted by b garrett on July 3, 2012 at 1:15 PM

The night had cooled off and had become nice. We sat in the darkness by the water for a good while,just listening to the frogs and a gator somewhere in the distant. Fish was hitting the water feeding and I wish I had my poll to throw out a few time. I was laughing at Travis because the frogs were so loud it was all he could here in the earphones and it was hurting his ears

We desided to Move on to a very remote area away from the water and set up for sound. It was very dark sitting in these piney woods but the smell of sweet pine was in the air and I just love that.The moon was haunting slowly coming out of the trees. Here all was quiet, and we sat there enjoying this world that was the east Texas piney woods.

Like I said it was very quiet almost to quiet Travis said and we set up to listen closer. We heard pine needles drop and leaves fall.The wind would pick up now and then. But than we hear a few large sticks brake and then nothing for a long time. The wind picked up again and brought with it the smell of fresh dug earth. maybe its pigs Travis said but it sounds more like digging thru the mic than rutting like pigs.

IT was very late and we had heard no sounds of the big man and decided to go back to the water for a while.Travis began to back up and we hit something!Thinking it was a bush Travis pulled up some and then backed up some more and truck was moved and at that time something begain to pound on the backend and then the side.I told Travis go-go and we went from the area.

We stopped by the boat ramp and found and took photos of what seems to be large hand and finger prints. I need to add that we saw nothing do this but felt it all. We are making no claims of what it was. But it was a wild night is all I will say.

Until Next Time The Hermit

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