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Sam Houston National Forest Bigfoot Hunt

Posted by brandon garrett on September 14, 2010 at 3:55 AM

We are currently doing a hunt in an undisclosed area of The Sam Houston National Forest in East Texas. I have had many experiences in this particular area and am now conducting a hunt there with some others of our organization. We are in the third day of our investigation at this point. On the first day we took canoes to an island that I was camping on a few weeks ago. 

While on this island camping I could hear something very loudly come up out of the water stepping up onto the land. After awhile it started walking back and forth along the shore line of the island while two others appeared, one behind the camp and one beside of it. They had the camp surrounded and where communicating back and forth to each other  in a chirping like sound that seemed to resemble a type of language. The one by the water would mess with the canoe and a few times rang the bells that were on my companions catfish lines that he had out. It was always the same thing, The one by the water would speak then another would speak and it would move to another spot. This went on for awhile as I listened. After some time they moved off and I could hear them moving through the water to a different island(we were on an island that is part of a cluster of islands). My companions were all asleep and I was the only one awake watching the fire and keeping watch for feral hogs which there is a very large population in this area and can be a real danger. After some time I could hear them moving through the water back in our direction and communicating among themselves. They came back onto the island that we were on and dispersed back into their previous positions as before.   Doing the same things as before. Seemed to be very curious about us and what we were doing. This went on for several more hours until day break when they finaly did move off again. Before the sun came up and they left there was one who came up close too me hiding inside some palmettos within maybe ten feet from me. I could hear it quietly moving through the palmettos so I shined my flashlight into them and saw two eyes looking back at me so I told my companion who was sitting beside me to look and as he moved his head to look the eyes closed and the face moved to the side becoming harder to see. The color was very similar to the dead palmettos so it was very well camouflaged in them and he could not see anything. As the sun came up I could hear them move off again causing a loud splash as they intered the water and crossed to another island. Later I could see a head and shoulder watching us from the other island.

After canoeing to this island we placed a game cam near the water to see what might move past it then left back to the camp ground where our tent was placed. We eat some dinner then myself and another decided to drive down a dirt road near the camp with a spot light and a camera to see what we could find. We only saw one car as we drove and no animals were seen.

We went back to the camp and settled down for the night. At this time there were only two of us left, the others had left. We got in the tent and settled down for bed leaving all but one window open on the tent so we could see out and have ventilation. The one window we shut was facing a flood light that was shining through so we shut it to block the light. Later that night I was awaken by a loud splash in the lake that we were next to. Then many vocalization through out the night all around the area with thing being hit very hard in different areas. Once behind our tent by the window that was shut I could hear something walking then a loud bang on a metal sign near our truck. Later some chattering then more foot steps leading away. Another loud bang on a wooden sign as it moved off. This went on all through the night until around five. Several times in different spots there were vocalizations and loud bangs. 

The next day we headed back to the island to check the camera and move it to a different spot we had agreed on the night before. We hung fruit from a tree and moved the camera facing the fruit and a clearing off a game trail hoping the fruit would draw some attention and curiosity. Before we left we checked for any  pictures of the night before. There were three taken, none of which showed what set the camera off. It could have been anything. 

As we headed back to camp we could hear chattering vocalizations in a spot on shore, as we neared the spot they seemed to get more intense, maybe as a warning to us or others of there kind about us. Near the spot it sound was coming from there was movement in the trees and the sound of sticks breaking as it moved. Nothing could be seen from the water though.

We packed our stuff and headed home and will return in a couple days to check the camera.

Two of our initial group returned to get the camera on Sunday. Again there were

pictures taken yet noting was visible on the pictures.

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