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Posted by brandon garrett on September 23, 2010 at 7:39 AM

 Friday three of us went to an area near Coldspring, Tx to scout an area to place a camera trap. We chose to place the trap in this area due to activity witnessed by two of our researches last year. As we were walking the trail to the area of interest we found several tracks leading off a game trail onto the main hiking trail(Lone Star Hiking Trail) and photographed the better ones. We decided on the placement of the camera trap and left the area. 

 Later we drove to another area nearby that has had recent activity and many sightings. Two of us walked down the trail to an area on a creek with a small sandbar where footprints have been found before. As we were looking around we could hear something moving to the side of us, at first we thought maybe a deer or feral hog but as we listened we realized it was neither of the two. We stood listening for about fifteen minutes or so with binoculars scanning the area were the movement was coming from but could see nothing. The noise seemed to be coming closer to us and it was not a thick area so we could see some distance into the trees,yet could never see what was there. The movement sounded maybe twenty or so yards away. Then we got a call on the radio from our third researcher who was by our vehicle and all the noise stopped, we stood there for a few more minutes then returned to our vehicle.

  The next day two researchers returned to get a cast of the footprints and place the camera trap yet was not able to do so because of the weather. They drove around looking at other areas then returned home. Two days later they returned to place the trap and found several new prints that were made after the rain. They took a cast of one of the best ones. We have posted a picture of the cast which is thirteen and three quarter inches long and seems after analysis to have been crippled. More study will be done on the cast and the findings will be posted. 

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