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Posted by brandon garrett on March 25, 2011 at 5:25 PM

We recently spent four days in Lake Conroe/San Jacinto river area. Camped in the campground in a spot further back. The first night we set two game cameras up in a spot that served as a good corridoor and crossing spot. Close to evening we could hear an obviously primate scream sounding much like a guelia coming from the woods behind the camp. That night there was much activity around the camp in the trees behind us and on the other side. Many more vocalizations, bipedal footsteps, limbs breaking, and movement in the trees. Shining a flashlight around and snapping random photos caught some possible eye shines. Later that night there were two eyes reflecting light from the gas lantern that was hung on a post. The eyes were somewhat low to the ground then suddenly raised up to maybe 6'6" or 7". They continued moving in a swaying motion ocasionly dropping back down then raising up high again for maybe a minute. While reaching for the camera then turning back around they disapereaed. 

  The next day we checked the game cameras and found one to not be working and the having not been tripped. We scouted around in boats and on foot looking for tracks and a place to watch that night we found an island that looked promising, we went back to camp to eat then returned to the island after dark only to find it covered with feral hogs. So we floated around for awhile listening. We later paddled to a bridge and sat on it for a bit. While on the bridge we could hear a moaning sound coming towards us through the trees coming from a small slough that is conected to the river. There were two beavers by the water that quickly went into the water as it came closer to them and swam away. Suddenly the moaning sound stopped as it came to the road and we could hear other vocalizations and movement on the other side of the river as well. Later could hear the beavers on a large island on the overside of the bridge. We were trying to get a picture of the beavers and snapping pictures of the island, after later looking at the pictures there seemed to be a possible brownish head very high above the ground that appeared between two trees in one of the photos that was not in the others of the same spot. Things quieted down so we decided walk back to camp and drive back to get the kayaks. As we crossed the bridge a small animal looking like a river otter ran across at the trail at the end of the bridge infront of us. When we got to where it crossed we look around with the flashlights and found it watching us from inside the brush. We could see the eyes reflecting the light but it was not visible enough to get a possitive identification.  Later that night we again heard something walking bipedaly around the camp. There were many vocalizations through out the night around us and in different areas close by and further away. They appeared to be calling then answering each other. Later while everyone was in the tent resting there was a sound of something flying through the trees then a bang in the camp. After investigating we found a large rock close to the fire that was not there before. 

 The next day we scouted around on foot in different areas then met up around dusk to drive to another campground nearby. The sun was setting as we arived so we set up a voice recorder and listened. We could hear many vocalizations nearby. Then something started moving back and forth in the trees beside us. We listened to it for quite some time. Later another joined it on the other side doing the same thing. After sometime the noises stopped so we left and returned to camp. We set another camera where most of the movement was coming from the previous night. Again there was movement in that same area this night. Later in the night we could hear a feral hog sqealing like it was being hurt and thumping sounds coming from the direction of the island we where wanting to stay the privious night. Then after the squeals stopped there was a whooping noise in a whistely high pitched sound. Then anwers coming from different directions. After a few moments there was many voises in a primate sounding chatter coming from the same area.  After about two hours the same thing happened again coming from a different direction. Later on closer to sunrise thre was a whistlly chirping sound and foot steps comeing from behind our camp with answers coming from infront of the camp. Each time they were heard the would in a diferent spot. The sounds behind us would sound more stessful and sternish each time and answers sounded almost pleadful. After a few moments of this there were foot steps in the trees about fifteen feet behind the tent. Then both sounds were behind us, now with one voice sounding scounful and the answers sounding apolegetic. The was a hooting sound simular to an owl but not exactly, more like an imitation coming from aways away. And they both left in that dircetion. 

 That day we picked up camp because we had to leave that day. We were told that several forest service offials were going to stay there the next day and they were demanding our spot and the two spots across from us. After being told that the park host and a forrest service official were in one of the spots demanded talking. We could hear the conversation and the topic of people using these spots looking for what is out there was mentioned. Later after picking up the camp and parking the vehicles we paddle up river but could only get so far due to that fact that we had a dog with us in one of the kayaks and kept finding alagators so for safety reasons decided to turn around and head back.

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