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Nature is wonderous. I have unanswered questions about what is out there and search to know more.


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Reply brandon garrett
9:46 AM on June 6, 2011 
Yea Linda there feral pigs in a lot more states now than there used to be, they are proficient breeders so they spread and multiply very quickly. A deer would make a loud snorting sound and move away usualy not very far off though. They would not come closer to you. If it was spooked it would snort then run off. There could of be livestock in any area even a place you wouldnt expect them to be. I found cow tracks just this weekend on the san jacinto river moving down the river for several miles far away from any farm or ranch. They do escape sometimes and wonder off. I dont think thats what you heard though from the description. It is quite posible that it was a bigfoot. As for the rock clacking goes. There doesnt have to be rocks in the ecxact spot because they will carry them if they are nearby within their respective territory. They tend to move many miles generaly on a daily basis. They survive on a typical hunter gatherer lifestyle and move many miles in search of food daily. They will often use trails for regular travel but often move off of trails when needed. Therefor it is not surprising that the unworn trail was there. It is a very good chance that it was a bigfoot. Alot leads in that direction.
Reply Linda S.
8:53 PM on April 12, 2011 
I wanted to tell you and others that I was camping April 1st and 2nd near Conroe and in the morning heard the sound of 2 rocks clacking together as I recently learned bigfoots might do on another website. There was really nothing but woods behind me where it came from, though there is a not well worn trail there between my camp by the one dirt campsite road and a small stream way behind it. The sound was not as far back as the stream and there were no rocks on the unused trail. In other words the sound seemed to come from the unused trail in the woods where no rocks would be.
Reply Linda S.
8:45 PM on April 12, 2011 
I didn't think there were any feral pigs in Indiana but websites say there are. I also did not think there were any farm animals in this particular site that I was in but suppose there could have been. Ther were no animal vocal sounds and no smell. I try to imagine it as a bull or a wildish horse but the only animal I can imagine not snorting... would be a deer and I don't think it would come after us. I have been intrigued by bigfoot stories because of this. I forgot to mention there is Wolf Park nearby also with wolves and bison. Now I am trying to imagine that any un-rural animal could have been let loose or escaped into some woods and how would it behave?
Reply brandon garrett
5:06 PM on March 25, 2011 
In most cases the only known animals to behave in that way would be a feral pig. In that case it would be making pig sounds (squeals and grunts, possibly a growl and snapping its teeth together). Yet still that would be rare because they would normally either run away crashing away from you are try to attack you and you would have little doubt of it being a pig. We deal with feral pigs here a lot and they can be very dangerous and there is a very large population. In Indiana I am sure there would be a population, yet Im not aware of how large it would be. A bear might also be a possibility yet still not very likely. It would act similarly to a feral pig without the pig squeals. You would know it was a bear.
That behavior is more consistent with bigfoot behavior. They often come towards light yet stay out of it and hidden. Iv found shining a flashlight into a spot that I know one is will often stir movement and cause them to move out of the light and come closer, usually making a great deal of noise in the process. It has been suggested and Im thinking it might be true from experience that it is a warning or intimidation of sorts. Basically they are trying to scare you away, similarly to the way other great apes act. They can be very dangerous yet they prefer to scare you away rather than actually harming you in the majority of cases, yet there have been many cases where harm was the outcome.
Reply Linda S.
1:09 AM on March 24, 2011 
What animal crashes through the woods in the dark, breaking limbs, toward a flashligh, going uphill, in Indiana? What would known animals do ?