texas unified natural research

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Welcome to our site. We are here to share our research and work with anyone interested in nature and believe as many of us do that there is more to nature than is usually accepted by the regular scientific community.   

We are tired of knowing that there are things in this world that many of us have witnessed first hand then to be told that it could not exist. If it could not exist and obviously does then there is a major problem there. Nature itself is a mysterious and powerful thing, there are so many possibilities for so many things to happen and with those possibilities many things do happen.  

The study of cryptozoology  and the paranormal are believed by many of us as part of the study of nature because they are part of nature. That is what we intend to do, mix  the excepted and the non-excepted in order to find the real truth.  

If you have a story of an encounter with something that is said not exist but does we would love to hear it. We will post it unless you let us know you would prefer us did not. We will keep your identity private if you wish. All you have to do is let us know.