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Strange Night At Stubblefield Lake

Posted by b garrett on August 31, 2012 at 12:35 AM


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August 22, 2012

Strange Night At Stubblefield Lake

Well I’ll tell you I’m no ghost hunter, but because of some of the places we do our field work, we do run into some very strange stuff. Deep in this remote part of the National Forest there has been a few body’s dumped and it’s sad to say more than one hunter has been killed by other hunters who mistake them as deer.


We also do field work in an area where in the 1800s up to the 1900s lumber was cut and a large sawmill town burned to the ground. Lumberjacks were killed while working at their trade. Some lost limbs and other just flat never came out of the forest it has been said.


Also the spanish come through this area and there were Indian tribes living here too. The Mexican army would come this way and there were fights with the Texans and Indians. Just in this one area there are four graveyards and at lest three family graveyards from old homesteads. So it no wonder why some people call this a haunted forest. O and lets not forget my reasons for being out here in the frist place.” Sasquatch’.

Well that’s enough history let’s get back to the strangest night I’ve had in a while. I always bring with me a K-2 meter and I set it on the roof of the truck and just forget about it until it starts lighting up. I bring it because of the rich history and we do have these strange nights sometimes. We were picking up some really great woodknocks and what I call monkey grunts. we also were recording heavey walking and breathing. This going to be a good night I told Travis. He was listening to some very heavy breathing over near the truck. I was on the forest road recording. And a rock, “yes thats right” a rock hit hard near my feet! It was thrown so hard it broke apart! Well I’ve been hit with sticks, dirt and rocks but this I think was mint to do more than hurt.


I picked up my night vision camcorder and was about that time I got real cold and then I got real cold again and again. I was cold put I was sweating! Than all my batters went dead. I called Travis over with his camara and it went dead. He ran to the truck for more and started takeing photos as he walked back.


I finally got more batters in and turned the recorder back on and my camcorder and than it just stopped working. Well I stood there realizing I have no more batters to use and I didn’t like this at all. I can take the bigguy throwing things and yelling at me, hell once I had one come into my camp mad as hell! But I will tell you right now I will never make fun of ghost hunters again. They just won my respect this night! I’m a Sasquatch tracker and want nothing to do with ghosts.lol


Well Travis and I were as drained as our batters. It was time to cut this night short and go home. No camping tonight by golly home all the way. But we get so whats ghost hunters call EVPs and they are some wick evil sounding stuff.


I’m going to let the team members who wont there hear them and get filepe to help me get them out on the net.


This Is Not Over The Hermit


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2 thoughts on “Strange Night At Stubblefield Lake”

lita says:

August 23, 2012 at 3:56 am (Edit)

cant wait to hear what you have! remember that photo of those large orbs , and one with the face in it? was this the same area? excited about your audio, this should be great!


sasquatchmountain says:

August 23, 2012 at 9:55 pm (Edit)

Yes I rember and this is the same place Lita



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