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brandon garrett
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Well it is no secret that people have encounters in certain wilderness locations with many being documented and many more that never are. These wilderness locations are usualy secluded with little human influence or habitation. We will take that as a starting point and play with this idea some and see what we get. Well some say it is because these creatures avoid humans that they prefer to be isolated and hide deep in the forests where there are no humans and then there are others who say that they are scared of humans. Well I am thinking that maybe, just maybe the answer falls some where else entirely. What I am proposing is the posibility that it has more to do with lifestyle then avoidence.

Every animal whether they be wild, domestic or even human has a paticular lifestyle or way of life that they live their life by in their day to day existance. These lifestyles are influenced by that particular animals requirements for living; dietary, habitat, need for water, social, and so on. Each of of these requirements are going to influence each other and determine where that individual animal lives and prospers. So you can easily say a fish lives in the water because it has to live in the water and could not survive long out of the water because the water provides it with what it needs to survive, the same can be said for every animal even humans. 

Well then if everything lives where it needs to live to survive then we can easily say that the majority of humans do not live deep in the forest but instead live in comunities while some venture into forested areas from time to time most spend minimal amounts of time there. We have jobs to go to in order to buy the stuff that we need to survive. We do not normaly live in a wild state for any more time then we have to. That is just not the human lifestyle, well not of our normality anyway. Well then you take any other animal and you can say the same for them as well. They will be where they need to be to make a living in their individual ecological sence. 

OK then if we as humans have certain requirements to survive and be comfortable, and yes comfort is a part of survival, and so do every other animal then we need to look at what requirements does a bigfoot type creature need to survive. Now here is the problem we face, noone truely knows for sure, yet we can make some educated guesses and put the pieces together. We know that water and food are a given, these are universal requirements. OK then we can take the reports and see the conection to the forest and see that these reports have a tendancy to be in certain areas while skipping in most cases other areas. So what do these sighting areas have in commen? What do they lack in commen? There has to be a connection there indicating lifestyle requirements, so what are they? These are the questions we need to answer to find where to look.

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rubin canchola
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WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE SO INVASIVE, were destroying the habitat for so many, pushing so much into a corner and we got our faces shoved into a magnifying glass not taking much into consideration,until we get what WE WANT.......SATISFYING OUR CURIOSITY!!!

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rubin canchola
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rubin canchola
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Ive heard that so many creeks,cricks an water ways are in bad shape, across the united states, our home......so bad for so many animals including the big fella....its a shame that all the man power searching for this creature isnt being used to make life better for him.....by a clean up...health wise it goes full circle right back to us.

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